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Book a scientist

Sound: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Lecture for Book a scientist

(8 lectures held in 2023 for a total of about 360 participants). (3 lectures held in 2024 for a total of 60 participants).

In this audio-only talk (zero powerpoint!), I cover sound in our everyday life. How do we use our hearing to communicate and when does sound become noise? I use many different sound examples to interact with the audience and get discussions started. My goal is to get more people to think about sound and noise in our daily life and to consider the meaning and usefulness of it.

The duration of the lecture is about 30 minutes and covers:

My research is about wind turbine noise and will be covered in the lecture, adapted to the age group.

*Lecture. (Source: Johannesskolen Instragram profile.) *

*Lecture. (Source: Johannesskolen Instragram profile.) *

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